Ko sakki

Hatsumi sensei has the talent to introduce us several principles that most martial artists would never have imagined. He also has this genius to make us aware of these tools that we use without really realizing it.

Last year, he spoke of an interesting principle: ko sakki. Of course, you have already made the connection with the sakki test, the godan test. When he talked about this concept, he explained that we had to learn to see the photos that preceded the action. Hatsumi sensei’s explanations are not always easy to understand. At the moment when the sword falls on our head, how can we see what precedes the action? This negative way of understanding was not the right way to understand ko sakki.

Our body is a big open book when we know how to interpret it. For those who practice racket sports like tennis, racquetball or badminton, you will understand what I mean. Even before the racket hits the projectile, the opponent’s body has already positioned itself to perform a precise gesture in a specific direction. A good racket player is already positioned where the ball will probably go. It’s the same thing in an attack with the fist or weapon. The opponent is positioned for an already determined act in his subconscious.

The ko sakki is probably this ability to see the action possibilities of the opponent even before this action takes place. Of course, I could be wrong, but when I look at Hatsumi sensei ahead of us before we move on, I think I’m on the right track. Of course, learning to read the opponent is not done in a month. It probably takes decades to get to perform in this art. But to get there, the first step is to realize that this exists. This is where the acquisition of such a talent begins.


Bernard Gregoire

Dai shihan Bujinkan Quebec

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